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VMR, Vietnams leading Tooling & Production supplier!




Viedam Manufacture and Research is the brand new, grand-scale, modern technology & total solution tool manufacturing company, located in Saigon High tech park, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, opening May 26'th!


VMR is a collaboration between the best of two worlds; Danish ingenuity and Vietnameese expertise within the field of toolmaking and production!

Together with our partner Viedam, located in the heart of HCMC. We can supply the customer with everything from new part ideas, designs, advanced tooling, QC and verification.

High Quality & Low cost tooling!



From idea to final product, VMR can supply every service ranging from the design phase to final product.


''At VMR we are ready for your most complex demands''

- Svend Lund - Co-Founder

VMR & Viedam

As a member of an international team of tooling & production experts, we deliver on our promises!


''The right quality at the right time!''

- Niels-Peter Lund - Partner


Our brand new, grand scale, innovative and open-styled new facility, located at Hi-Tech-Park HCMC in Vietnam, opens for official business May 26'th!


''Our vison with VMR is to be your leading, modern and global supplier''

- Vo Cong Hai - Co-Founder


Our Services

From idea to final product

From idea to final product

VMR strives to be our partners 'go-to' Tool supplier of everything from the simplest sketch of an imagined part all the way to a final high quality, low-cost tool including testing and verification // VMR stand strong in delivering the best tooling 'all around' solutions for you!

Development & Design

Development & Design

Design and modifications to assemblies, products or designs can be tricky, but with over 20 years of expertise and over 30 designers at our disposal, you can rest assured that VMR can be of service with the most challenging and complex design choices // VMR can design and work in many different CAD environments

World Class Tooling

World Class Tooling

VMR has over 300 employees, where 50 are engineers consisting of an international team of veterans and experts. VMR is a project oriented workforce and with our continuing education of our staff, VMR stands strong in the tooling business! // VMR has the newest and some of the best machines on the market, for fast, reliable and quality ensured tool working, whether it be a series of similar projects, duplicates or a single unique tool, VMR is the right supplier!

Controlled Quality

Controlled Quality

Quality Control is an essential part of any good manufacture facility, at VMR we have gone even a step further and have integrated QC on everything running in our Tooling department, this ensures the best quality, tight tolerances and a minimum of mistakes through the manufacturing process! // At VMR we have some of the best and newest machines for the quality verification job!

Everything Plastic

Everything Plastic

To VMR plastic engineering is our expertise, VMR specialises in tools in the right quality and to the right price! // VMR has extensive knowledge when it comes to how plastic behaves, which is essential for a successful 'on the time' product and 'over the top quality' at a low price

Expert engineering

Expert engineering

At VMR we never send out tools without an extensive test run and qualification run of the tools, this ensures the right quality and a full functional tool ready for the production line at your factory! // With over 500 tools at the highest quality shipped every year, VMR can prove a important asset to the tool making and part making process for your company!

Low-Cost tooling

Low-Cost tooling

Our ever expanding production and testing facilities with our constant quality control, goes hand in hand with what we are trying to accomplish: a full solution for you! // At VMR with our newest production facility and machines we are ready for your complex demands!

VMR Partner

Viedam Logo

Viedam specializes in hi-precision moulds, moulding, testing and verfication.


With over 150 skilled employees and over 10 years at our current factory in Tan Binh, HCMC Vietnam. Our top modern machines and processes can deliver the best tools available!


VMR Facillities

“At VMR we believe that a global, leading tooling company like VMR, deserves modern and inventive facilities''

Mr. Vo Cong Hai - Co-Founder



VMR Ltd.

Lot 1, 4b, 5.2, Street N3

Saigon Hi-Tech Park, District 9

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

On Google maps:

RRV7+73X, Long Thạnh Mỹ, Quận 9,

Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Tel: +84 871081091


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