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VMR, Vietnams leading Tooling & Production supplier!




VMR is the grand-scale total-solutions mould supplier, located in Saigon High tech park, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam


VMR is a collaboration between the best of two worlds; Danish ingenuity and Vietnameese expertise within the field of toolmaking, engineering, testing and verification of injection tools!

- Here you can touch every micron!


We can supply you with everything from new part modeling, engineering, tool construction, high precision yet low cost tool manufacturing, QC and verification in close partnership with the customer.

High Quality & Low cost tooling!


From idea to final product, VMR can supply every service ranging from the design phase to final product.


''At VMR we are ready for your most complex demands, contact us to hear of our many-year partnerships and successes!''

- Niels-Peter - Partner

Our Promise

At VMR we have a long history of being an essential partner to our customer's tooling needs


''The right quality at the right time and price!''

- Svend Lund - Co-Founder


Our grand scale, innovative and open-styled new facility, located at Hi-Tech-Park HCMC in Vietnam has kept expanding rapidly together with our customers


''Our vison with VMR is to be your leading, modern and global supplier''


- Vo Cong Hai - Co-Founder


Our Services

Our services

From Idea to final product

At VMR we strive to be our partner's 'go-to' Tool supplier of everything from the simplest sketch of an imagined part all the way to a final high quality, low-cost tool including testing and verification // VMR stand strong in delivering the best tooling 'all around' solutions for you.

​- From idea to final product - on time!

Our History

2001 - Svend Lund and Vo Cong Hai meets for the first time.

  2002 - Viedam J/V is a reality as a fifty-fifty partnership.

    2002 - Production start up, training and technology transfer.

      2003 - Viedam needs expansion, Apply for license to the new factory.

        2004 - Construction of the new high-tech factory

          2005 - Inauguration of new technology center ”Viedam”

            2006 - Sales are expanding

              2007 - Viedam Expands on precision machinery “touch every microns”

                2009 - Viedam gets Danish Royal visit

                  2014 - Production capacity increased by 50%,

                    2015 - we are reaching maximum capacity at Viedam

                      2016 - Inauguration of new facility VMR in SHTP, 6500 sqm

                        2018 - Part design and further enhancement of machine parks

                          2021 - VMR has started on Sustainability

                            2023 - Merging of Viedam and VMR into VMR facilities, now 300+ strong

VMR ltd. Logo
Viedam Logo
Our History

VMR Facillities

“At VMR we believe that a global, leading tooling company like VMR, deserves modern and inventive facilities''

Mr. Vo Cong Hai - Co-Founder



VMR Ltd.

Lot 1, 4b, 5.2, Street N3

Saigon Hi-Tech Park, District 9

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

On Google maps:

RRV7+73X, Long Thạnh Mỹ, Quận 9,

Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Tel: +84 871081091


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